He Took Our Infirmities

January 19, 2020

He Took Our Infirmities

Passage: Matthew 8:1-17
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Jesus came down after the great Sermon on the Mount, and continued to amaze the crowds as He healed all who came to Him.

Healing a leper (and outcast), and the slave of a centurion (a gentile), and Peter's mother-in-law and many others who were brought to Him, we learn more about the theology of His mandate. He came for the lost sheep of Israel, He came to make a way for the gentiles, and he came to demonstrate through great signs and powerful displays that He was the Messiah.

We looked at the difficulty of this passage, especially in understanding that it is not teaching us about our situations today in the church, but is rather teaching us about Christ's mandate at His first coming, to give a glimpse of a future time, when the kingdom will appear in its fulness, and all sickness, disease, and suffering will cease forever.

Let us rejoice that our hope is greater than a temporary cure for the curse, but is rather an eternal remedy through redemption from our sins.

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