Humble Giving

August 25, 2019

Humble Giving

Passage: Matthew 6:1-4
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Our passage reviews the first in a series of life applications based on Jesus' warning not to practice righteousness to be noticed by others (Mat. 6:1).

While so many wanted to be known for how much they did for the Lord, Jesus said that His followers were not to be concerned what others think at all, but to be seeking approval from the Father in heaven (Mat. 6:4).

At times it's easy to feel like no one notices when we do what's right, but the Lord shows that we're not even to be concerned about that. It is precisely because our Father sees everything we do and when we do it out of a heart of worship and obedience, He is pleased. That's what matters.

In the moment it can be difficult to be satisfied with a future reward, but when we understand the reward comes from God, we acknowledge that no human counterfeit can compare.

More than this we understand that we can have joy even today knowing that the Lord sees His children's diligence for the kingdom. What a blessing that we have a gracious God who loves to richly reward those who call upon His name in faith.

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