The Narrow Way

November 10, 2019
Matthew 7:13-14 shows that the way of salvation is narrow. In a Gospel marked by power and truth, its light shines brightly against the backdrop of falsehood and deception. Jesus leads His disciples for all time through to an understanding of the exclusivity of the one true God of heaven and earth, as revealed by Himself.
Jesus continues His discussion of the things that trouble believers by focusing on daily worries and anxieties. After teaching that Christians are not called to a pursuit of wealth and earthly gain (See "Treasure and Tragedy", Mat. 6:19-21; and "Single-Minded Devotion", Mat. 6:22-24)—which only leads to worry, He expands the logic of His argument to show that they are not in fact even to have anxiety even about physical needs.

The Model Prayer

September 13, 2019
Jesus did not leave His disciples without cause to pray or without a way to pray. He wanted to be sure that His followers, then and now, would know how to come humbly before the Father, through Christ, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, with their every prayer and petition.