Treasure and Tragedy

September 22, 2019

Treasure and Tragedy

Passage: Matthew 6:19-21
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This passage from Matthew 6 is about the heart's treasure. It deals with issues concerning money and greed, and the treasures of this world, versus heavenly good and the treasures that await the believer.

In chapter 6, as in chapter 5, the issues of the heart and the necessity to have a heavenly focus, are the key to each passage. And worldliness, or worldly-mindedness is the opposite of the heart motivation true disciples are to have.

Matthew Henry, commenting on the Sermon on the Mount, wrote, “worldly-mindedness is as common and fatal a symptom of hypocrisy as any other …. the fundamental error that they are guilty of is, that they choose the world for their reward”.

If we understand that we are trading the world for Christ, or trading the world for the rewards the Father freely gives to His children, we then begin to see how critical the tradeoffs really are.

Sadly, most of us, at least sometimes, have a treasuring problem. We treasure what is truly not treasure. Indeed we treasure what will be destroyed.