Single-Minded Devotion

September 29, 2019

Single-Minded Devotion

Passage: Matthew 6:22-24
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Devotion to money, and greed toward worldly things, is an ever-present reality in the modern world. But this is not a new phenomenon. In the New Testament, we are constantly reminded of our need to be on guard against greed and against the many idols that compete for our attention.

The dangerous reality for believers is that even though we belong to the Lord, we are in a constant battle to maintain our single-minded devotion toward Him. Throughout the process of our sanctification there will be times when we seek Him diligently, because our great need is ever before us. But there may be other times when life seems good, and troubles seem to be in the rearview mirror, and we can forget that we are called to the same single-minded devotion daily, regardless of our circumstances.

Jesus reminds us that we can be under the dominion either of God or of money, but not both.