Earthly Anxiety and Heavenly Hope

October 6, 2019

Earthly Anxiety and Heavenly Hope

Passage: Matthew 6:25-34
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Jesus continues His discussion of the things that trouble believers by focusing on daily worries and anxieties. After teaching that Christians are not called to a pursuit of wealth and earthly gain (See "Treasure and Tragedy", Mat. 6:19-21; and "Single-Minded Devotion", Mat. 6:22-24)—which only leads to worry, He expands the logic of His argument to show that they are not in fact even to have anxiety even about physical needs.

Jesus illustrates by speaking about the birds of the air (6:26) and the lilies of the field (6:28), to show how God is the one who provides even for the least among the created order.

If you are someone who worries, may the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in this message move you to a place of true peace and contentment, whatever your situation.