Verdict for the Self-Righteous

November 24, 2019

Verdict for the Self-Righteous

Passage: Matthew 7:21-23
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“I never knew you.” These are the most terrifying words that will ever be uttered to anyone. Because we believe the Bible, we know that they will be uttered to all enemies of God. We know that those who openly declare their hostility and enmity with God will hear these words. This is one of the reasons we emphasize evangelism and missions as a church. Knowing that this will take place motivates us who have a biblical fear of God to take that fear seriously.

However, this passage in Matthew 7:21-23 shows that these are words that will be uttered to those who believe themselves to be followers of Christ, and not only followers, but enthusiastic followers.

How are we to know if we are truly His? How are we to know that our good works aren't done in the flesh and not by faith? This message looks at how:

  1. Your Passion is Not Enough to Save You
  2. Your Talents and Abilities are Not Enough to Save You, and ultimately
  3. Your Good Works are Not Enough to Save You

Finally, what is enough to save is revealed, and it's what the Gospel alone teaches.